The Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean concept has created options for persons seeking a casual setting to enjoy a light meal and a drink. Based on their set-up and menu offers, they each offer a relaxing environment in which to hang-out with friends, while away on a lunch hour or even to sneak around the corner to conduct a one-to-one appraisal or coaching sessions. Sounds like it can work for you?? Well, there's more...


The Coffee Bean locations in Barbados compel one to visit and come again. Usually bright open spaces with lots of light and providing the option of outdoor seating (except the one in Bridgetown), one feels comfortable even to sit and enjoy one's own company.


Everything is clearly visible when you walk into a Coffee Bean shop. The staff is usually ready and waiting to serve you. The displays are clear and usually full of tempting treats (depending on the time of day) and the menu items are generally placed in a visible spot for the convenience of the customer. Submarines, Quiche, Paninis, Wraps (oooh, the chicken curry wrap with all the trimmings is really quite good), Soups. The aim: to provide light, tasty and filling meal options for any potential customer who walks into Coffee Bean.


For those into coffees, the lattes are commendable, however if into more healthy options, try one of their smoothies or fresh juices. Excellent!


There are four outlets in Barbados. There is the Warrens Outlet, St. Michael which is situated in Orange Mall. There's one in Broad Street, Bridgetown on the first floor of the main department store, Cave Shepherd. One in Christ Church, in Peronne Village off Worthing main road and near to the Big B supermarket complex and the last one is on Hastings main road in Christ Church in the Amaryllis Hotel Complex and next to The Chattel Plaza.




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