Historical Books

The island of Barbados enjoys a rich history that takes us back to the time of Amerindian settlement to its present-day history. A portion of Barbados' historical books inform us that the name Barbados is a derivative of the Portuguese word "bearded one". It is believed that when the Portuguese landed on the island, they were confronted with a number of bearded fig trees and hence the association with the name.


Further information on Barbados' history can be sourced from books such as A History of Barbados: From Amerindian Settlement to Nation-State by Professor Hilary McD. Beckles, Barbados-Antigua Expedition by Nutting, C.C. and A-Z of Barbados Heritage by Sean Carrington, Henry Fraser, John Gilmore and Addinton Forde.


Many other historical books on not only Barbados but other Caribbean islands and international countries can be sourced on the island at any of our many bookstores.




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