English Influence

The English came to the island of Barbados in 1627 where they etched their settlement and made their mark. Such a mark can still be seen in the cricket that we love to play, the tea on evenings we drink, driving on the left side of the road, the strong influence of the Anglican church, the laws of Barbados, the architectural structure of the island and the Queen's English being the standard way of speech.


The solidity of the English rule has done well in helping to shape the very structure of Barbados. Despite gaining full independence in November of 1966, Barbados still retained key connections to the British monarch which is represented by the Governor General and is a member of the Commonwealth.


Early deployment of the English culture was stamped on Barbados in 1639 with the establishment of the world's third parliamentary democracy. Despite bouts of disaster, the Legislative Assembly was still able to keep up its legislative powers throughout Barbados.


In the way of architecture, Victorian, Georgian and Jacobean styles come out on top and speak volumes to the true nature of our English influence. Such an architectural legacy can be seen in the many historic homes scattered across the island.




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