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Donkey Carts

Donkey Carts

There was a time on the island of Barbados when donkey carts were quite prevalent. Not so today as we have seen the slow but sure extinction of the donkey cart. Many have often wondered where this piece of Barbados has disppapeared to. Could it be the sophistication of our current transportation that can be possibly blamed for this extinction?


Old Barbados saw a time when donkey carts were used to transport goods across the island and even haul sugar cane to the many sugar cane factories that once existed on the island.


The basic donkey cart that was used for transporting goods and possibly every day use had two (2) wheels. The donkey would reverse itself into two (2) available shafts with chains, into which the animal was harnassed. A collar was secured around its neck, blinkers were attached over its eyes and a bit placed in its mouth that was connected to the reins which were used by the driver to steer the animal.


The other structure that was seen throughout Barbados in years gone by was the one used to carry the island's main crop, sugar cane. This particular donkey cart had four (4) wheels and a 'V' shaped style on both sides that aided in accommodating the sugar cane it carried.


A donkey cart can now be seen at the Barbados Crop Over Festival used primarily for the purpose of offering rides to children.


The braying of the donkey is certainly a noise that the people of Barbados can readily admit to missing.




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