The fishing town of Oistins, Christ Church, Barbados was once a quiet sleepy area, however today it can boast a modern fish market and it is one of the most frequented markets where locals and visitors alike come to select their fresh fish to take home. With a historical background of some importance, Oistins boasts two major service stations, two branches of the major fast food outlets on the island, a fantastic beach, lots of bars and more, all within walking distance of each other.


In this town, more than thirty (30) years ago, a Barbadian matriarch started a little eatery to cater to those persons in the immediate environs offering them simple Bajan fare. This business is dubbed Grannys and its owner and her food is known throughout the length and breadth of Barbados. Indeed many children from the nearby Foundation secondary school (now coeducational, previously separated into Girls and Boys Foundation) can safely say that they patronized food from Grannys over the years.


To find Granny's, one makes the left turn into the car park just after KFC and Granny’s is at the back, cosily set away from the bustle of the main road, but not far enough to be a deterrent to the average customer. Open Monday to Saturday every week from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm, it remains open even during the hustle and bustle of Oistins on a Friday night. The main reason for this is that no matter what activity is taking place; loyal patrons will seek out the food at Granny's.


What's on the menu?

Vegetable chow mein
Green split pea rice
Macaroni pie
Cream potato
Cooked vegetables
Stewed beef and chicken
Steamed flying fish
Choice of bangamary, snapper, steak fish which might be either grilled or fried


The food is set out behind a counter and there are servers to whom you will point out the items which you desire and they will either plate it for you to sit at the establishment or in a take-away container if you prefer to eat elsewhere. Please note there are no restrictions, it is just that you pay for whatever items are selected as compared to a flat rate for a typical buffet. Buffet style meals are quite common and popular in Barbados.


No alcohol is sold on the premises; however you can get soft drinks or sodas as they are called as well as orange or pineapple juice and a local drink mauby, which for some is an acquired taste.


If you are game for a true Barbadian experience in a traditional restaurant sitting among locals and getting a meal that makes you think of home, then a stop at Granny’s in Oistins is a must. A stay in Barbados guarantees a wide spectrum of experience... do embrace and enjoy!!


To gain some insight into the menu and to ensure you understand how to find their exact location, the staff can be reached at telephone number (246) 428-3838. A pleasant and helpful voice will be sure to greet you and invite you to come dine at the one and only Grannys in Barbados!!




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