Indian Grill (Roti Shop)

Despite its relatively small size of 166 square miles, Barbados is like an international potpourri where numerous nationalities are present and co-exist. Clothing, business enterprises, consulates and restaurants - these are but a microscopic snapshot of the activities which mirror this global representation.


On the outskirts of Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, there is a small unassuming food shop located in Bayside Plaza, St. Michael, just a stone's throw away from The Barbados Yacht Club, The Garrison Savannah and several other popular locations. Unassuming though it may be, it is the home to some of the best roti and curry dishes on the island and the "traffic" is usually flowing from the time it opens for business around 11:00 am every day except Sundays.


Ooohh, where to start? you can get almost any kind of roti: beef, chicken, lamb, pork or shrimp. Most of these, you have the option of choosing with or without potato, though if you are a meat-lover the all-beef or all-chicken are unsurpassed!! To tone it down for the vegetarians, saltfish rotis are available and the all channa (peas) is equally tasty and filling, so either way one still gets the authentic experience.


If you do not want roti, there are usually daily specials with items such as dhal purri rice and curry chicken are plated and served for your delight. The chalk-board just before you reach the order window contains a long list of items from which a selection can be made.


Although the meal is tasty on its own and prepared with authentic Guyanese/Indian cooking, there is still sometimes the need for something extra. So whether on the roti or on your rice dish, do remember to ask what extra filings they have on that day; it may be tamarind, chuchilla, mango chutney or even extra pepper. Deciding to try the unusual will certainly add to your overall culinary experience.


There is some seating right outside Indian Grill, however most of the patrons either walk or drive from their work-places, near and not so near. Even visitors not staying at the nearby Hilton Barbados or Grand Barbados Beach Resort find their way to this place because the food is known to be good. Indeed nine times out of ten, they are usually sold out by 3:00 pm, so don't even consider passing that way unless you want to buy a drink.


When it comes to drinks, the selection is soft and mostly juices (bottled, not fresh), sodas (ginger ale, coke, frutee) and of course bottled water. Just take a look into the refridgerator/cooler and let the attendant know what you want.


Just a warning... It may be wise to walk with your exercise wear if deciding to vacation in Barbados. Find your way to The Indian Grill, you won't regret it!  It is opened Mondays to Saturdays 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and the staff can be reached at (246) 436-2361. Hurry, hurry, come for roti!




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