Arabian Knights

Sheraton Mall in Christ Church is one of the earliest and largest malls on the island of Barbados. Continuing to expand over the years, it has added not only retail stores, but also an expansive food court which has a wide range of foods, both sweet and savoury to cater to all discerning patrons.


Arabian Knights is one such establishment, which is located in the food court and is one of the first eating places one will reach if entering from the large open air car park at Sheraton. Over the years, its management has assessed and made significant changes to the restaurant's menu in order to meet the needs of its varied clientele of all ages. It is now fantastic and there are so many things to choose from!! Furthermore, they make every effort to re-visit and change the menu in order to keep things "fresh".


From 7:00 am in the morning the food is open for breakfast and Arabian Knights offers its patrons sufficient choice to be filling. Eggs prepared scrambled or fried, bacon, hot dogs and plantain are spread for one’s delight and this is all available until the last piece is taken.


The lunch menu can be considered versatile; some of the younger ones might say "it is the bomb" as every day they try to provide a sumptuous line-up from which to select. It is a largely Bajan menu which gives one the feel of obtaining a home-cooked meal away from home. They endeavour to offer pasta dishes daily and present a choice of shrimp, chicken or ground beef to complement same.  Listed below are some of the other items which can be found on a daily basis:


• Grilled Fish


• Barbecued Chicken


• Salt fish pie


• Alfredo (chicken, shrimp)


• Lasagna


• Sweet potato pie


• Stuffed potatoes with bacon and cheese


• Scalloped potatoes


• Hot vegetables


• Salads (corn, tossed, cole slaw)


Only sodas/soft drinks are sold at Arabian Knights, so if one needs a beverage with a bit more zing, do patronize one of the other restaurants or the mall's supermarket for a malt, a shandy (beer and lemonade) or some thirst-quenching drink.


If you just can't wait to eat your meal, seating is available in the open court or you can take away to enjoy at your leisure.


In other quarters, the name "Arabian Knights" conjures up entertainment and intrigue. From the fare described above, it would hard to deny that the eating at Arabian Knights restaurant in Barbados can be an adventure of its own!! So, before you get ready to hit the mall, call (246) 228-6221 to obtain a preview of their daily menu.




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