Ackee Tree Restaurants

Barbados has many restaurants and eateries scattered all over the island to suit a variety of tastes. Catering to both the formal and informal diner, Barbados is known for the high caliber of its eating establishments. Ackee Tree Restaurant which is located on Rockley Main Road, near the Coconut Walk Shopping Centre, on the south coast in Christ Church falls into the latter category.


Previously located on Dayrell's Road also on the south coast, Ackee Tree moved to this bright, cheerful and more easily accessible location right on the main road about five years ago. Although an English-speaking island, Barbados is home to persons from all over the world, from as close as its Caribbean neighbours to persons from South Africa and India. It is no wonder that among the food variety is that of the Trinidadian fare offered by Ackee Tree.


Food and fellowship form a great part of socialization in Barbados and it is one such ritual which resulted in the genesis of Ackee Tree Restaurant. An informal regular "cook-up" at the home of the owners, (husband and wife team from Barbados and Trinidad respectively) resulted in queries as to why they would not add to the already extensive fare offered in Barbados. It is a casual dining restaurant with a welcoming and authentic décor capturing the regional flair. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch, running through from 8am to 6pm, with the lunch menu commencing from 10.30am.


As an added boost to the culinary package offered in Barbados, the Ackee Tree Restaurant is known for its 1-pound roti, with a choice of chicken, goat, shrimp, pork or beef as the choices for the main filling. Then your palates can be thrilled with the taste of various sauces and salsas from mild to spicy. Regional flavours like mango chutney and tamarind are some of the extras which you can have to flavor your meal. It is recommended that you sample as many of the restaurants in Barbados as you can, however, if you are not an adventurous eater or have certain sensitivities, then stick to the items with which you are familiar and avoid asking for the extra hot spices.


If roti (the wrap) is not your thing, staples such as rice and potato can be served with your meat or fish. Local vegetables grown in Barbados such as pumpkin, okra and eggplant are laid out on offer and can be added to enhance your roti or be taken buffet style with rice.


In Barbados, you can have your fill of food and drink at any port of call and Ackee Tree is no exception. From local juices and freshly made fruit punch right through to beer and alcohol: these are available for request. Don't forget to ask if they have the local Barbados Banks beer before your leave.


If you are planning to host a party in Barbados, they are able to prepare other mini items such as samosas, min-rotis. A simple call or visit to their premises will allow you to obtain the desired information. There are also some options suitable for children, just ask.


If you are looking for a location to try good Trini roti in Barbados, a visit to Ackee Tree Restaurant is a must!




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