Bean-N-Bagel Café

You are on holiday in Barbados and taking in some shopping or a stroll or drive down the west coast. It is time to take a break and get something to eat, but you don’t want anything too heavy.  It’s times like these that you look for a simple stop like Bean-n-Bagel café.


Previously several, there is now only one outlet which is laid out on the ground floor of the West Coast Mall in Holetown, St James. This small café is a delight for those who want a quick stop plus tasty tid-bits. Open for both the early birds looking for breakfast or those who want a break from the fast foods and regular stops for lunch: this is the place to be. For breakfast, omelettes or pancakes, bagels can be made to order and lunch ranges from sandwiches and salads or even a delicacy such as crab back on occasion. In order to meet the tastes of all patrons, the menu is an all day menu. You can get anything at any time.


To give a true picture of the fare on offer, in addition to the above, one can get the following and more:


Sandwiches (e.g. cheese) and salads (e.g. chicken, egg)


Cajun Chicken, Chicken Alfredo, Curry Chicken


Burgers, Hotdogs


Pasta Bolognaise


Fish (flying or dolphin)


Liquid beverages are available on request. One can get hot or cold coffees, fruit punch, fruit juices and soft drinks (sodas). If after eating lunch and washing it down with the beverage of choice, there is then the desire to indulge a sweet tooth, one should find something to meet the fancy. Pastries are available and you can sit quietly and savour the blend of flavours or just take them with you and nip away peacefully in the privacy of your car or room.


Usually well patronized, locals and visitors alike use it for social chats or short power meetings or interviews and on the other side of that for the traditional purpose of simply getting a meal. There is an added boost: it is situated in a mall with a supermarket, clothing store, health store and others merely a stone's throw away. Convenience is the general hallmark of a stay in Barbados.


In line with its uncomplicated atmosphere, pricing of its menu items are more than reasonable and despite the vast number of eating places in Barbados, the taste and quality of the fare might encourage you to become a repeat customer of Bean- n-Bagel.


Contact details are as follows:

West Coast Mall, Holetown: (246) 432-1103


Opening hours are: 8am to 4pm


Why don't you plan to visit Bean-n-Bagel while in Barbados?




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