Just Grillin'

At a global level, there are discussions and arguments about healthy foods and healthy eating almost every second of the day. Alcohol versus sobriety, salt versus no salt, canola versus olive oil and fried versus grilled foods. Since there will always be individuals of varying persuasions, they must always have choices at their disposal. In Barbados, a location ever equipped to maintain international standards, the full gamut of culinary options obtain.


One such location, which specializes in grilled foods is Just Grillin in Barbados. There are actually two locations, one in Quayside Centre, Rockley Main Road, Christ Church and the other in Holetown, St. James. The quayside location is set apart in a kiosque looking structure with wooden benches on either side. The seating area is covered and one can say open air as the breeze and or heat is experienced freely depending on the day. As one enters the centre, it is the first eating place one comes to as the others are all either inside or around the "courtyard" area.


Driving down the west coast from Bridgetown, the other Just Grillin is located away (but still visible) from the road in a lovely spacious chattel structure and as a landmark, the new Promenade shops are directly opposite on the other side of the road. There is no missing the building which is branded with the Banks logo and for which the passionate colour of red has been selected for the roof and stair rails. Seating at this location is also adequate and one can sit both inside and out, experiencing the cool Caribbean breeze whether in or out. A huge red Banks tent provides the overhead for the outdoor seating, so there is no missing this venue!


Parking in both locations is free, though it must be admitted that there is less competition for parking space at the St. James location. Though well patronized in both instances, reservations are not essential as the turnover of persons generally flows smoothly and there are very rarely any disgruntled patrons who cannot find a seat. Then again, take-away is always an option.


So... what is special about Just Grilling?? They promote healthy eating at sensible prices. Plus, the portions are good, the food is tasty and still one has a variety of items from which to choose.


What's on Offer?

There are: Sandwich platters: Hamburger, fish of the day as available (marlin, tuna, Flying fish) with any two sides. These start at BDS$18.95


Grilled Platters: Jerk Chicken, Fish (as above), Spare ribs with any two sides. Platters start at BDS $30.95


Sides: Rice, grilled potatoes, grilled vegetables, cole slaw, caesar salad. Any two is included with the main. Extra orders can be purchased separately for BDS$7.00.


When you order your meal, the drinks order is placed at the same time. It can be obtained before one gets the meal or you can wait. Select from nice tropical drinks like a blended fruit punch (theirs is quite a good one), pina colada or a virgin colada or stick to a beer or soft drink like Coke or Ginger Ale.  Or tell the bar server your "poison", he or she may be able to fix.


Opening hours at both locations are as follows:
Monday to Saturday 11:30am to 10:00pm and Sundays they are open in the evening from 5:30pm to 10:00pm.


Want to check the menu or prices before slipping out to either venue? Call (246) 432-5410 for Holetown, St. James and (246) 435-6469 for Quayside Centre, Christ Church. You can also check their website at www.justgrillinbarbados.com.


You are sure to have healthy eating options in Barbados!




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