Balcony Restaurant & Beer Garden

A trip to Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados is like an excursion where one can enjoy a variety of activities and take care of business at the same time. One can do one's banking, check out some of the government offices, do some shopping at the numerous retail outlets in town (not restricted to the main street) and then of course there is the need to stop for refreshment. To be honest, there are endless eating stops in Bridgetown alone, so do not fear, there is no need to go far to get a snack.


The Balcony Bar and Restaurant is a delightful place to eat. It is located on the first floor of the Cave Shepherd department store on Broad Street. Indeed, if one obtains a seat against the wall, one is looking directly onto Broad St and that provides adequate entertainment in itself.


Open for lunch only, it is an informal eating place, bright and cheerful ambiance and as the turnover of patrons is quite fluid, there is no need to make reservations. Though it must be said that there are times when the line is long and it may seem a deterrent, but it does move quickly.  


The food: what about the food? The Balcony's focus is on local and healthy options and the lunch set-up is a daily buffet of fresh and tasty foods. The menu items are fairly constant, though subtle changes are made from time to time so that the offer remains appealing to the hundreds of patrons who traverse its place of business on a daily basis.


The food options available include tasty macaroni pie, rice, chicken, beef and fish dishes and there is usually a fine spread of salads (tossed, cole slaw, three-bean to name a few) so that those persons who may be vegetarian do not have to look elsewhere, but can be completely satisfied. The flying fish is good and depending on seasonality or availability there may be others like dolphin (mahi-mahi) to choose from.


A number of hostesses float through the restaurant to take drink orders (and later, meet your dessert requests) and ensure that you are generally comfortable. Drink selections range from the usual sodas (coke, sprite) to fresh made local juices as are available, like mauby and sometimes one can get golden apple juice (delicious!!!) or coconut water!! Then there is the beer - which is not limited to the best beer in Barbados: Banks Beer.  


Then, if one is feeling indulgent even at lunch time, one can get something sweet to give an energy boost to take one through the remainder of the afternoon. A slice of Bajan coconut bread or chocolate cake might do the trick, so don't be bashful.


Opening hours are 11:15 am to 3:00 pm. If you need to check out the menu before making that visit, call (246) 431-2088 or simply stop in on your way in or out of Bridgetown. Eating is a pleasure in Barbados!




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