Sand Dunes Bar and Restaurant, East Coast, St. Andrew, Barbados Pocket Guide

Sand Dunes Bar & Restaurant

While Barbados is a practically flat island, its east coast presents a unique view of the closest thing the island has to hillsides, which, compared to its neighbouring islands, can really only be called inclines. En route to the east coast road, one passes a number of historic landmarks including St. Andrew's Parish Church and in the midst of all this natural beauty lies The Sand Dunes Bar and Restaurant in the parish of St. Peter.


Until one reaches the heart of the Bathsheba, Cattlewash districts on the other side in the parish of St. Joseph, Sand Dunes is one of the last official "watering" and comfort stops for both local and visitor alike. This side of the island is a popular sight-seeing venue and many persons on official or unofficial tours down the coast find themselves there.


The building structure, ambience and fare offered reminds one of a local residence as it has ample parking, spacious seating arrangements, is breezy and comfortable and offers home-styled Bajan cooking. Value for money spent can characterize a visit to Sand Dunes, combine this with the extra hospitality and relaxed air which tends to be found in the country away from city life and one becomes open to a true local experience while staying in Barbados.


Like a real home-styled restaurant, the portions given are pleasing to both the eye and the stomach. There is a staple menu, the content of which is offered every day, with daily specials intertwined in order to spice things up for one's eating pleasure at Sand Dunes. In Barbados, the restaurateurs aim to make every eating experience a special event.


A typical menu would cover such items as rice and peas, macaroni pie, tossed salad, sliced cucumber or cole slaw.  Add to that a variety of meats, baked chicken, baked pork, beef stew. One cannot come to an island such as Barbados and not come across at least one fish dish on every menu on the island. So at Sand Dunes, they also offer grilled fish and this tends to be flying fish or marlin or both depending on availability. Rest assured; all of these meats are so well seasoned; you won't be able to resist either the aroma or the flavor once tasted.


For the daily specials, one stands to get a taste of real Bajan "cook" food like breadfruit coucou, which is breadfruit boiled and mashed to smooth perfection with butter, milk, seasonings and placed in a baking dish for serving. If eating at home, it may be taken straight from the pot to the plate. Others items captured for the specials include, but are not limited to sweet potato pie and lasagna.


The bar is solid, from the top beer in Barbados "Banks Exactly" to local and international rums and whisky to soft drinks and mauby. The choices are supremely sufficient to allow one to feel comfortable to take a "top up" on the way into or out of the east coast. You can rest assured there is no shortage of beverages to quench the thirst at this restaurant.


Sand Dunes is a prime kick-back (meaning you can kick back, relax and breathe clean fresh air) location in Barbados. If by chance you need to book a table, call them at (246) 422-9427 otherwise, just drop in and savour each moment at this popular east coast venue in Barbados.




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