TNT Barbeque Hut

When one watches any of the Food Network channels on cable television, one sees many a programme with persons expressing fascination and delight with the taste and flavor of barbecued meat. In Barbados, there are a multitude of food places, with a limited percentage claiming to prepare the real guey, dripping mouth-watering barbecued food.


At the bottom of University Hill, St. Michael, Barbados, there is a simple food stop known as TNT Barbeque Hut. Almost rustic in flavor, the wooden structure is reached by climbing a flight of stairs and sitting on the few bar stools or standing by the counter while waiting to be served. It is just homey. One parks in the small space designated in front of it, on the space next door or ones down to the nearby Bank car park and then walk back the few metres just to get this food.


Barbecued spareribs, chicken or fish are available for your selection and they are all known to have their degrees of "deliciousness" depending on the preference of the person eating. The proportions are sizeable and one is not likely to leave there hungry. Sides to complement the meats are not many, but still tasty. One can get some hunky looking chips which appear to have some secret ingredient apart from the TNT sauce with which they come lathered unless the customer advises otherwise. Alternatively one can select from potato salad or coleslaw - both oozing of special and personal preparation efforts.


Now with the fish specifically one can have it barbecued or grilled and can say whether or not the sauce is desired. It tastes great with or without, so the best thing to do is go two different days and try it both ways!


Juices available on site are primarily those of Pine Hill Dairy, a manufacturing company in Barbados. One can also avail of soda pop drinks such as Sprite and Coke. Anything to wash down what should have been a filling and satisfying meal.


Pricing is not exorbitant and as mentioned earlier the portions are of an attractive size and weight (when you heft your box). One can feed one's family and not feel distraught in the process. That ought to be sufficient incentive.


This location is most convenient as the students from the University of the West Indies can easily walk down the hill and become caught up in the wafts of barbecued meat, the scent of which does not escape anyone travelling up and down University Hill. Indeed it may have tempted some to find reason to divert unexpectedly.


If there is any thought that Barbados does not have a venue where real barbeque is available which can compete anywhere in the world, make that stop and try the food at TNT Barbeque and Hut. Opening hours are 11:00 am to 10:00 pm Mondays thru Thursdays and 11:00 am to 11:00 pm Fridays and Saturdays. Contact them at (246) 424-8620 and prepare yourself for a finger-licking barbeque meal.




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