TGI Fridays

As one drives along the roads in Barbados, there is a mix of modern and traditional architecture, the combination of which is generally pleasing to the average eye. Though each district has its own unique flavor, the south coast of Barbados has its own version of charm, for example as one travels from the airport to the capital Bridgetown, through both commercial and residential districts, with various small and large hotel properties dotted in between.


Coming down the south coast, after passing the window to the sea at Hastings rocks, one comes to the TGI Fridays franchise in Barbados located on Hastings Main Road in a building not to be missed. Part of the international chain, it continues to grow in popularity here due to its recognized brand.


The vibrant red colour of the building structure cannot be missed as it fits into the red brick work of the historical Pavillion Court just next door. Inside, patrons are greeted at the entrance by a hostess, who with menus in hand, leads them to comfortable booth seating in the fully air-conditioned building.


Now for some, the first item on the agenda may not be the food, but rather the comprehensive drinks list and the massive bar, where the barmen can be seen periodically displaying their mixology skills. From water to champagne with all the wines in between, the beverages available can meet the most discerning of tastes. On the softer side, there are strawberry smoothies and other blended drinks with names like "Pineapple Surprise" and other specially dubbed creations and titles. Shakes, pina and virgin coladas and regular sodas are staples for the taking.


Still on the topic of drinks, make a careful note that for the patrons at TGI Fridays, they are invited to experience "Every day as Friday" and so Happy Hour is offered Monday to Friday 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. What about that??


In selecting one's meal, it is important to take one's time as the menu is a few pages long. For those persons familiar with the items due to regular patronage, it would be recommended to try something new when visiting Barbados.


There are appetizers, soups and sides: one of the soups is a creamy broccoli soup which is nourishing to the palate. Garlic bread and fries are also there for the taking. To the delight of the beef eaters there are about five (5) different burger options alone to select from. Pasta dishes abound..most of them oozing with the aroma and taste of blended sauces. Oh! Oh! Oh!... For the adventurous, do not overlook the Jack Daniels items ribs, steak, you name it.


In everything, one can choose from individual items with a side or two to combo plates and samplers which assemble a number of the individual items for those who wish to dabble in a little of this and that. There are numerous combos from which to choose. We can go on and on and on... but that won’t be necessary if a visit to TGI Fridays is planned during a stay on the island of Barbados.


Desserts include a massive brownie and a Vanilla Bean cheesecake, so whether Monday, Wednesday or Friday, what better place to bring the family to enjoy a good meal and social interaction than the TGI Friday's restaurant in Barbados. Great food and great location!!


So… do take the time to choose carefully. There is no need to rush your meal while dining in Barbados.


The opening hours are:
Sundays to Thursdays 11:00 am to 10:30 pm  
Fridays and Saturdays 11:00 am to 1:00 am


Contact them at (246) 436-8443.




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