Pumpkins on Display at a Market, Barbados Pocket Guide


In Barbados, there are two main types of pumpkins that can be found on the island. There are Garden and Belly Pumpkins. The Garden Pumpkin is of a creamy texture which makes it fitting for being steamed or made into pumpkin fritters. The Belly  Pumpkin has a more fibrous texture and is more suitable for usage in soups and stews.


Pumpkin is quite a popular crop that is used on the island of Barbados in a variety of dishes. It is added to sauces as a thickening agent and in stews and soups as the main ingredient. Pumpkin has a texture and flavour that is similar to that of the Butternut Squash and is an excellent source of vitamins such as beta carotene, riboflavin and thiamine. Pumpkin is also used to make pies.



The pumpkin is an annual, scandent herb that climbs by lateral. The vines of the pumpkin are aggressive and fast growing and like to climb but are often time weighed down by the pumpkins.


Pumpkins found on the island of Barbados are round, spherical or pear shaped. They come in a variety of sizes, green to yellow colors, solid, striped or speckled in appearance.


The stems are long running and often root at the nodes. The leaves are softly hairy, simple without stipules and broadly ovate in outline. The flowers of the pumpkin vine are large and yellow or deep orange in appearance.


Supermarkets across Barbados and in the market place, usually sell pumpkin already cut into chunks as many normally experience difficulty in cutting the pieces up themselves. When buying pumpkin one should take note of the outer flesh as this should be fresh looking and untarnished. Soft or wet spots on the pumpkin are indicative of potential spoilage.


The month of November is when the island of Barbados celebrates its Independence. Conkies are a fovourite with every household on the island and are traditionally made throughout this time of month.


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