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North Coast

Your accommodation options on the northern coast of Barbados are not as abundant as those on the more popular west and south coasts of the island. Nonetheless, there is quite a range of accommodations available; from the ultra luxurious villas and suites to the mid range hotels and economical guest houses and apartments.


Whatever your preference, we can cater to your every need and taste on the northern coast of Barbados where the pace is much slower as its location is just off the beaten track of the island. The parish of St. Peter is probably the farthest north you are likely to find adequate accommodation since St. Lucy, the most northern parish on the island, is quite rugged and deserted as it is still the least populated parish on the island.


For those visitors to the island of Barbados who wish to have more of a genuine Bajan experience and not just the typical tourist experience, the north coast of the island might just be the ideal location for your perfect Caribbean vacation right here on the picturesque island of Barbados.  Enjoy!




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