Bay Leaves on Wooden Table

Bay Leaf

When I think of bay leaf, I immediately go back to the times when my parents would steep a couple leaves in boiled water and literally light up the neighbourhood as its sweet aroma pervaded the air. What a fragrance!


Bay leaf not only smells good but it is highly beneficial as well. The people of Barbados are renowned for not only using this in the form of a tea but also for putting a few leaves into drawers and cupboards to ward roaches and weevils off. Not to mention the stunning difference in taste when bay leaf is added to the pot.


Bay leaf/Bay rum tree or Pimenta racemosa is a member of the Myrtaceae family. Tradition dictates that this leaf is highly beneficial for influenza, fever, lung and sinus congestion, improving memory, boosting female libido, baldness, colds and relieving headaches.


Oily skin can also be treated by the usage of bay leaf used as a bush bath. This specific usage is also good for neuralgia, poor circulation, sprains, strains, upset stomach and toothache, dandruff.


Bay leaf can also be used in bush baths to treat oily skin, dandruff, poor circulation, sprains, strains, neuralgia, upset stomach and toothache. It's also useful for ulcers, pneumonia, prostate cancer, kidney and liver problems, flatulence and stimulating the appetite. You can also soak bay leaf in white rum to extract its' properties to make an excellent bay medicine or beverage. When the essential oil is massaged onto the skin it also stimulates blood and lymph circulation.


Bay Leaf is known as anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective agent.


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