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Though there are around 200 resorts, hotels, and inns on the gorgeous island of Barbados, it can be quite difficult finding one that matches your needs and your wallet size. SellMyTimeshareNow is an online by-owner timeshare company that, since 2003, has been changing the way travelers think of budget accommodations. Savings of 60-70% off can be found within several of Barbados’ most exclusive resort brands, the Crane and Divi collections being two of them.


Experience the ultimate in indulgence as you relax in your private bubbling Jacuzzi tub, or watch the sun set over the Caribbean from your open air balcony; heaven has never been as close as it can be with a Barbados timeshare. Choose from a one, two, or even three bedroom villa and let your memories of cramped hotel rooms fade forever away.


On-site, you’ll find that these resorts go above and beyond to make sure their guests are fully entertained and pampered. Enjoy fitness programs, spas, shopping boutiques, nightly live entertainment, lagoon-like swimming pools, private beaches, restaurants featuring world class chefs, and so much more.


Each resort is also located within close proximity to some of the Island's finest nightlife and dining, while attractions such as the Atlantis Submarine Tours, the Mount Gay Visitor's Centre - home of the world-famous Mount Gay Rum - and countless exotic beaches are just a stone's throw away. Own or rent a piece of heaven with an affordable Barbados timeshare from SellMyTimeshareNow.


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