Sparrows Clinging to an Electric Cable, Barbados Pocket Guide


Interestingly enough, what is well known to Barbados as the “sparrow bird” is not a sparrow but a Barbados Bullfinch (Loxigilla barbadensis). Further research shows that despite the name Barbados Bullfinch, it is still not a Bullfinch but a seedeater. For clarity, we’ll stick with the name ‘sparrow’.


Sparrows are usually small, stout, grey-brown birds with short tails and stubby, forceful beaks. There is no noticeable physical difference between males and females.


Sparrows are found all over Barbados. Highly sociable birds, they adapt well to humans and are often found frequenting areas with human existence.


When nesting, sparrows build ball-shaped nests with side entrances and lay approximately two to three eggs.


This particular species of sparrow is indigenous to Barbados and though predominately seedeaters, will eat insects and crumbs aswell.



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