Blackbird in Search of Food, Barbados Pocket Guide


Seen by some bird lovers in Barbados as a “squawking black beauty”, the black bird (Quiscalus lugubris) is one of the most common birds in Barbados. Usually seen parading with its head held high, this jet black beauty has an air of elegance associated with it.


Blackbirds on the island of Barbados have a long, slender curved black beak and yellowish eyes. Its’ long wedge-shaped tail and black plumaged body reflects a rainbow of colours amidst the sun.


By no means a bird that gets concerned about human presence, they travel in flocks confidently going about their business. From restaurants, to homes, to parks and even in the streets, these noisy critters can be seen all across Barbados in search of food.


Black birds like most birds love crumbs and left overs but they've also been seen eagerly eating Giant African Snails right here in Barbados. Once the snail is dead and in some instances alive, they can be seen picking at them in an effort to take part in what may very well be considered a delicacy in bird land.


When in Barbados, one needs to be aware of blackbirds when they are nesting. Noteably aggressive at this time, they readily plummet to the heads and backs of humans and animals alike if they think you’re dangerously close to their territory.


These birds breed in colonies and one can find several deep cup-shaped nests in one tree at any given time.


Males are very purposeful when the nesting period comes around. They take flight with their respective partners and even get involved in the nest building process. However, soon after the mating process they are quick to leave their mates and babies behind to take care of themselves.


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