St. Winifred's School

The St. Winifred's School in Barbados is of Anglican foundation but accepts pupils of all denominations. It is divided into three Houses that represent its founding teachers - Seale, Ince and Burton.


The School's property is vested in three Trustees and is managed by a Committee of Management comprised of local businessmen, past-pupils, members of the St. Winifred's School's Association (SWSA) and the Headmistress.


The SWSA is made up of past-pupils, parents, teachers and friends. Its main objectives are to assist the Committee of Management of the school in promoting the interest of past-pupils, friends and parents, and to raise funds for the purpose of contributing to the maintenance, upkeep and improvement of the school. It performs the function of a PTA for the school.


St. Winifred's School is one of the few private schools in Barbados offering both primary and secondary education.


The school day consists of seven (and for some eight) lessons under the guidance of a qualified and motivated teaching staff. The school tries to maintain a balanced curriculum and there is no streaming of students. St. Winifred's accepts girls aged four to seventeen, and boys from four to eleven years old. However, in September 2008 the school has accepted boys to its senior department.  The school now offers two streams of students in all three departments (preps, Juniors & Seniors) and has facilities for approximately six hundred pupils.


It was named Saint Winifred’s School for several reasons:

After Olive Winifred Seale, who died in 1911, to perpetuate her memory
Saint Winifred was the patron saint of spinsters – the three teachers were unmarried
It means "Peace" and it was hoped that there would always be peace in the association with Staff, Pupils and Parents.


The Curriculum

The school offers a wide range of subjects both in the Primary and Senior departments. The following subjects are taught in the Senior department.


• Mathematics                                 • English Language                                     • English Literature

• Visual Arts/ Craft

                                • Physical Education                                     • Information Technology
• Spanish                                 • Moral Education                                     • Music
• General Science                                 • Physics                                     • Chemistry
• Biology                                 • Food & Nutrition                                     • Geography
• History                                 • Office Administration                                    

• Principles of Accounts (new)


Extra Curriculum Activities

Tennis, Cricket, Football, Netball, Volleyball, Ballet Karate, Cubs, Brownies, Chess Club, Hand Bells


Objectives of the Alumini

To promote and to assist the Committee of Management of St. Winifred's School in promoting the interest and welfare of the School


To stimulate the interest of past students parents, teachers and friends of the School, and all other persons interested in the affairs and well-being of the School


To provide an environment that promotes the exchange of ideas between teachers and parents and fosters informed discussion of those issues which affect the welfare of students


To represent the views and concerns of the parents, teachers and membership and to communicate a unified position on pertinent issues to the Committee of Management


To complement the educational programme and enhance the physical environment of the School by raising funds to meet additional request for expenditures which will enhance the learning and social experience of students


To communicate to the parents, teachers and membership the activities of the Association and an accountability of funds raised and distributed


To establish a harmonious school community by working cooperatively with the School Administration and Committee of Management and by taking a unified approach to realizing the vision and mission of the School


Past students, parents, teachers and friends of the school are all welcomed as Members of the Association. All members are confirmed by the Association’s Board, entitled to attend all General Meetings of the Association, to be elected to any office and to speak and vote on any matter at any meeting.


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