Tertiary Level Education in Barbados

Tertiary level education in Barbados is the educational level that follows on completion of secondary school education. This level of education is very key in continuing the economic growth and development of Barbados' standard of living as this now affords students the opportunity to give back to society that which they would have learnt. This in turn strengthens both the private and public sectors and enables a better investment climate in the country. As tertiary level institutions in Barbados continue to grow and develop, so too will the students who benefit from these institutions.


In Barbados, education at a tertiary level is provided at academic, vocational and technical colleges as well as University. Admission to these tertiary level institutions vary based on an individual's possession of a Barbados Secondary School Certificate Stage I to Caribbean Examinations Council Certificate to G.C.E "A" Level qualifications.


Though tertiary level education is predominantly focused on further education at the university level, Barbados offers other institutions from which these academic achievements can be pursued as well.


In Barbados, there are four (4) tertiary level institutions which fall under the Ministry of Education.


A listing of those tertiary level institutions on the island of Barbados can be found in this section of our Barbados Pocket Guide website.




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