History of Erdiston Teachers' College

In Barbados, Erdiston Teachers’ Training College opened in 1948 with a total of thirty two (32) Barbadians under the principalship of the late Mr. A.W. Roberts. This was a one year training course. The curriculum offerings were Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Religious Knowledge, Health, Physical Education, Music, Home Economics, Woodwork, Gardening, Visual Aids and Art.


By 1954 a significant accomplishment was achieved when Erdiston became a regional teacher training institution. Fifteen (15) teachers from Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Montserrat, Dominica and Tortola in the British Virgin Islands were admitted. The year 1954 also heralded the beginning of the Two-year in-service programme.


Throughout the years, there was steady expansion in both the student population and the programmes. During the period 1987-1991, the College implemented a number of new programmes. The College offered Post Certificate programmes on a one-year full-time basis. A total of 146 (one hundred and forty six) teachers accessed the curriculum areas: Early Childhood Education, Remedial Education and Physical Education. It was also during this time that the College established a Division of Continuing Education. Professional as well as community oriented courses were offered. To date, this Division continues to function successfully. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the College also offered many courses during the Easter holidays. Erdiston Teachers’ College continues to coordinate this programme.


One of the highlights of this period was the establishment of the computer laboratory in 1989. The College currently offers a one-year day release programme in Information Technology for teachers.


The Teachers’ Advanced Professional Certificate was implemented in 1993. This programme seeks to bring trained teachers up-to-date with current trends in the curriculum areas. It is offered on a one-year day release basis and is well subscribed.


The year 1994 saw the advent of the University programmes the Diploma in Education and the Certificate in Educational Management and Administration to the College. This was the dawn of a new era for the College. This was followed in 1996 by the completion of the Resource Centre which includes a Multimedia Room and Internet facilities which are available to teachers at a nominal rate.


Courses Offered

Persons interested in pursuing studies at the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College in Barbados have been invited to register for its Division of Continuing Education Courses.


Courses being offered include Advanced Counseling, Advanced Sign Language, Basic Counseling, Classroom Management, Early Childhood Education - Level 1, Early Childhood Education - Level 2 and Effective Parenting.


The College will also be offering courses in Effective Written Communication, Information Technology, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Special Needs, Social Psychology, Special Needs Provision and The Teaching of Reading.


Further information on Erdiston Teachers' College in Barbados may be gained by contacting the College at (246) 429-3620/427-2776 or fax number (246) 427-2776.




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