About The Barbados Community College

In 1968, the Barbados Community College (BCC) was established by an Act of Parliament to provide post-secondary education to a wide cross-section of the Barbadian public to which higher education was previously inaccessible. The Barbados Community College Act was amended in 1990 to empower the College to grant certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, degrees and other awards to persons who successfully complete courses of study approved by the Board of Management.


The Act made provision for the Barbados Community College to offer education and training in:

• Agriculture
• Commerce
• Fine Arts
• Liberal Arts
• Science
• Technology


The Act also empowered the BCC to offer courses in "such other fields of Education as the Minister of Education may determine from time to time”. On this page you’ll find out more about BCC including the Board and our aims and philosophy.


From First Batch of Students to Expansion

Three hundred and twenty-five students (325) were admitted to the College in January 1969 in three Divisions:

• Commerce
• Liberal Arts
• Science


Today, the Barbados Comunity College has expanded in response to the developmental needs of the country.


Mission Statement

The College has remained true to its mission which states that The Barbados Community College is a dynamic centre of learning which exists to meet the changing education, training and development needs of the societies that it serves, by providing a range of courses and programmes of study in a learning environment conducive to the intellectual, physical and social development of students and staff, so that they can make a meaningful contribution to their country, region and the wider community.




• Administration

• Barbados Language Centre
• Commerce

• Computer Studies
• Counselling & Placement Centre

• Curriculum Development
• Fine Arts

• GED Radio 106.1 FM
• General & Continuing Education

• Health Sciences
• Hospitality Institute

• Liberal Arts
• Library

• Natural Sciences
• Physical Education

• Students' Guild

• Technology



Programmes of Study

Associate Degree Programmes
• Applied Arts Programmes
• Applied Science Programmes
• Major in Arts
• Major in Science


Bachelor Degree Programmes
• Bachelor of Education (Technical/Vocational Training)
• Bachelor of Fine Arts
• Bachelor of Science (Tourism & Hospitality Management)


Non-Associate Degree Courses
• Certificates & Diplomas
• Post-Associate Degree Diplomas
• Post-Graduate Degree Diplomas


Societies & Clubs

• Chess
• Circle K
• Dominoes
• Political Science Association (PSA)
• Sociology
• University College Christian Fellowship (U.C.C.F.)


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