Montefiore Fountain, Bridgetown, Barbados Pocket Guide

Montefiore Fountain

The Montefiore Fountain was originally located in Beckwith Place, Lower Broad Street in the city of Bridgetown, Barbados but was subsequently moved to its present location at Coleridge Street in 1940.


Ironically, the Montefiore Fountain has no running water attached to it but back in 1865, it was used as  a drinking fountain that was donated to the city of Bridgetown by Jewish businessman John Montefiore. His father, John Castello Montefiore, was among the first set of people on the island of Barbados to die from Cholera in 1854.


John Castello Montefiore was a respected merchant described as being a free coloured. It's reported that for forty years, he had been one of the leading merchants in the city and had a wholesale and retail store in Swan Street. He was also the owner of Neils Plantation.


This fine example of neo-Gothic decorative art made from cast iron, was opened  to the public on November 02, 1865, and was described as "a little gem of architectural beauty, there being nothing in Barbados to compare it with".


Ideals of Justice, Fortitude, Temperance and Prudence are depicted on each of the fountain's marble statues.


The Montefiore Fountain represents one of many exceptional examples of Barbados' unparalleled heritage. A heritage that has motivated the Government of Barbados to highly recommend Bridgetown and its historic Garrison as a World Heritage Site.