The Williams' Vault

The Williams' Vault is located in Vault Road, Welchman Hall, St Thomas on the island of Barbados. Well-known for the paranormal activity that was associated with it, the William's vault was built in 1660 and has been home to the remains of the Williams' family for over 300 years.


General William Asygell Williams was a general in the Welsh Fusilier Regiment but due to his unloyal support for the Royalist, he along with other prisoners were shipped to the British West Indies under the command of Oliver Cromwell. General Williams found himself in Barbados where he was able to acquire land such as that on which Welchman Hall Gully currently stands.


The story behind the paranormal activity in the Williams' vault got started when the Catholic wife of one of the General's sons, was placed in the vault with the other family members of the Williams family. The Williams family, being of strong Protestant upbringings, were not at all happy about the unequally yoked marriage in the first place and so it was believed that the family in the vault were at war with the Catholic wife as they weren't impressed with her presence there.


Repeated visits to the vault discovered the disturbance of the coffins with the General's coffin standing upright and absolutely no sign of outside interference.


Interestingly enough, after the removal of the Catholic wife from the Williams' vault, all paranormal activity came to an end.


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