Holetown Monument

The British landed at Holetown in Barbados in 1625 to claim the island of Barbados for the British. Holetown was originally called Jamestown (after King James I) but the name was subsequently changed to "Holetown" after the small stream by the name of "The Hole" which provided a safe landing for ships.


The site of the Holetown Monument is the very landmark at which opening celebrations for the annual Holetown Festival in Barbados take place. The week-long celebrations commence in mid-February.


Sitting just outside the complex that houses the Holetown Police Station, this oblelisk monument commemorates the first English landing in Barbados by Captain John Powell in 1625 on the ship Olive Blossom. The year 1605 is stated on the main plaque of the monument but this was clearly an oversight.


Barbados was claimed on behalf of King James I of England and remained as an English territory until Independence in 1966.


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