Golden Apple Tree, Barbados Pocket Guide

Golden Apple Tree

The Golden Apple tree (Spondias cytherea) has its origins in the Society Islands and is a true resident of the island of Barbados. The fruit of the golden apple tree have a golden-orange appearance skin and a spiny seed that is surrounded by firm, yellow flesh. In Barbados, it is a norm to eat the golden apple fruit with a bit of salt.



Golden apple trees growing throughout Barbados can reach heights of 30ft. They carry glossy, pinnate leaves and


Golden apples are oval-shaped and are produced in bunches of twelve (12) or more at a time. They are crunchy and have a sharp and somewhat sour taste. In Barbados, once the fruits drop to the ground while still green, they are wrapped in old newspaper and placed in a box inorder to advance the ripening process. Once ripened, golden apples are used to make a delicious and refreshing juice, are eaten raw or can be used in cooking.


The golden apple tree functions best in full exposure to sunlight and should not be placed too close to salt-like environments on the island as they have a very poor salt tolerance.


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