Supreme Court, Whitepark Road, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

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The new Supreme Court of Barbados was opened on the 10 June 2009 in Whitepark Road, St. Michael breaking a 278 year old tradition of the location of the old courts. Barbados' Cheif Justice Sir David Simmons oversaw the historic parade which comprised members of the Royal Barbados Police Force parade in the square of the new Supreme Court.


The court is the highest judical body in Barbados made up of the High Court and the Court of Appeals, claims can be lifted to the higher Caribbean Court of Justice. The High Court hears Civil, Criminal and Family cases.


Judges of the Court


• The Hon. Acting Chief Justice and President Mr. Sherman Moore.


• The Hon. Mr. Justice Frederick Waterman


• The Hon. Mr. Justice Peter Williams


• The Hon. Mr. Justice John Connell


• The Hon. Mr. Justice Sherman Moore


• The Hon. Madam Justice Elneth Kentish


• The Hon. Mr. Justice Christopher Blackman G.C.M


• The Hon. Mr. Justice William Chandler


• The Hon. Madam Justice Margaret Reifer


• The Hon. Madam Justice Kaye Goodridge


• The Hon. Mr. Justice Randall Worrell


• The Hon. Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius


• Dr. The Hon. Madam Justice Sonia Richards


Law Courts of Years Gone By, Barbados Pocket Guide


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