Barbados Flag, Coat of Arms & Pride of Barbados Flower, Barbados Pocket Guide

The National Symbols Of Barbados

Our small island home is rich in history, culture and a deep sense of our past. Across the island can be seen displays of patriotism as you see displays of our National Symbols including the flag of Barbados, the Coat of Arms, Our flowers.


The National Flag of Barbados

The National Flag of Barbados was officially adopted on November 30th 1966 when the island became independent. It is composed of three vertical panels with gold on the inside panel and ultra marine on the two outer panels. In the middle of the gold panel is a broken Trident in black...

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The Barbados Coat Of Arms


Along with our other national symbols including the flag & flower is our Coat of Arms. Under Royal Warrant, the grant of arms was presented by Her Majesty the Queen to the President of The Barbados Senate on February 14th, 1966 the year Barbados gained Independence...

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The National Anthem Of Barbados

If there is one piece of music that bonds Barbadians together both close and far it is our National Anthem. Played at all public events, the first notes bring a crowded noisy room to a deathly silence in a show of respect for this piece of music that represents where...

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The National Pledge Of Barbados


The National Pledge was written by Mr. Lester Vaughan a former Teacher and Education Officer of Primary Schools. Mr. Vaughan was born in 1910 at St. Simon's in the Parish of St. Andrew. He started his career as a Pupil Teacher and...

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The National Flower - Pride Of Barbados


The national flower of our island Barbados is the Pride of Barbados or the Dwarf Poinciana. It is native to to Tropics and sub Tropics of the Americas but can also be found in India and the Phillipines. The plant grows to aproximately 9 feet tall and bears flowers that are...

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The National Heroes of Barbados

Through the vision, determination and commitment of some brave men and women, Barbados has been moulded into a country that we can all be proud of. As a result, in 1998, parliament wanted to recognize those people and the great contribution that they selflessly made. As such in April of...

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