Coulurful Moth, Barbados Pocket Guide


This insect is closely related to the butterfly and can sometimes be confused as being a butterfly. With a difference in body type that lends itself to being stout, the moth also characteristically folds its wings downwards when resting.


The white-tailed page (Urania leilus) and the diamond back moth (Plutella xylostella) are a couple species that will be mentioned in this article.


The White Tailed Page

This diurnal moth has an exceptional color pattern and is quite a hit amongst collectors. Just like the butterfly, it can be found feeding on flowers and in some instances, searching out plants that are not known for high levels of defense compounds.


The Diamond Back Moth

This moth is sometimes referred to as the cabbage moth, primarily because its larvae is well-known for its severe attack on cabbage and cauliflower plants. Despite its 14 day life-span, this moth is very fertile and has the ability to migrate long distances. This in itself, aids in population increase of this destructive creature.


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