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Box Cart

We currently live in a time when we pack our vehicles and get going. However, there was a time when most things were packed into a box cart and carted around. Can you imagine? Yes it's true.


Like the donkey cart, box carts are becoming extinct. The need for this bit of our history is not as prevalent as before, not even for leisurely purposes. I can remember growing up and seeing all sorts of items being transported in these carts. Items such as ground provisions, construction items and just about anything that needed to be carried was carried in these carts. I've even seen young children hitching rides in them form time to time.


Constructed modestly, a box cart was usually made from old pieces of wood. It's shape was that of a rectangular box that could have been anywhere around 4' in length x 3' wide and 3' high. Two long handles, that could have easily measured 7' in length, used to guide the cart, were firmly nailed to each side. Two tyres were attached under the box cart, nearer to the front for easier movement when the cart was loaded.


Though this integral part of our history continues to fade away, one or two box carts can still be seen around the island transporting coconuts or just about anything that needs freighting.


Box Carts - Almost gone but certainly not forgotten.


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