Mortar and Pestle

Gone are the days when you will see many of these througout the island of Barbados as they have been easily replaced by the likes of the blender, the food processor and any other electronic appliance that makes life in the modern-day kitchen a whole lot easier.


A mortar is a thick piece of wood that has been gouged into a repository with a well carved exterior while a pestle is a thick short well-carved wooden stick with a rounded bottom that is used to beat herbs, spices, condiments and other food items in the mortar.


Though quite prevalent throughout Barbados in days gone by, the mortar and pestle derived from Africa. What we are accustomed to here on the island is a mortar and pestle that can be easily operated by way of hugging it with one hand while the other hand is used for beating the items in the mortar. However, in Africa, one can easily find a mortar and pestle that is large enough for the user to stand and beat away at the items inside.


These antique pieces can be found at very few homes across Barbados or in the Barbados Museum.




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