Old Time Bajan Jookin Board

Jooking Board

A jooking board goes hand in hand with a wash pan. This unique household item is used for the sole purpose of 'jookin' or rubbing out dirt from clothes. It is usually positioned in a leaned manner on the inside of the washpan while the user leans over and uses a push and pull motion to make clothes clean.


It's distinct features makes it easy to identify as one side is smooth while the other has a ridged appearance almost like corrugated metal sheets. An average jookin board found throughout Barbados is usually made of a thick piece of wood that is approximately close to 3ft in length and 1ft wide.


Some hardware stores across Barbados still carry these boards as some people still believe in them despite the washing machine taking over. They can even be found in plastic in some instances.


A jooking board is certainly a significant part of our history as I'm sure most of us can remember our mothers being out in the backyard early on Saturday mornings and making our clothes squeezy clean by way of this method.


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