Panama Canal

In the 1880s and onwards, it is estimated that thousands left the island of Barbados to head out to Panama to assist with the construction of the Panama Canal. This canal was to provide aSome were fortunate enough to return to Barbados while others were not as fortunate to make it back due to various diseases or landslides that might have taken their lives. They were quite a few workers who decided to stay in Panama, make it their home and become citizens of the United States.


Working conditions in the Panama Canal were not ideal as primitive tools were used to literally create this 8th wonder. Workers from Barbados made up a significant portion of the labour force by the time the 'Great Ditch' was completed in 1914. Discrimination was high on the cards from the perspective of wages and work conditions but interestingly enough, to the labour force that left Barbados, the grass turned out greener on this side of the world when it came to the topic of wages.


The Panama Canal is considered the 8th wonder of the world and it is no wonder, as this canal is one of the many intriguing experiences one could ever encounter on such a small and diverse country. It is estimated that approximately 14, 000 ships pass through the canal every year and that there are excellent provisions in place for visitors to observe the amazing operation of this smartly engineered canal and be educated all at the same time.



but make a better life for themselves and their families




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