Palm Trees

The island of Barbados is home to three (3) native palm species. The Cabbage palm (Roystonea oleracea), the Macaw palm (Aiphanes minima) and the Thatch palm (Coccothrinax barbadensis).


The Cabbage Palm

The Cabbage palm is a large palm which reaches heights of up to 130ft. This palm is used for the purpose of yard brooms and basketry and can be found growing wild in gullies across Barbados.


The Macaw Palm

The Macaw palm is easily differentiated from other palms due to its spiny trunk. However, on older trees, the spines are literally nonexistent.


The Thatch Palm

The Thatch palm is a fan palm which leaves are widely used to thatch roofs.


Amidst these previously mentioned plams of Barbados, the coconut tree is considered another palm but not considered to be native.





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