Bearded Fig Tree

The bearded fig tree (Fiscus Citrifolia) can be found on the Barbados Coat of Arms and just about anywhere growing wild especially where ruined buildings stand.


The bearded fig tree is responsible for Barbados having its current name as settlers to the island were confronted with many instances of these trees. As a result, the Portuguese named the island Barbados as a spin-off of Los Barbados.  Los Barbados means the bearded one and it would be easy to figure out why that name came about as the island was covered with these trees which appeared quite bearded with their aerial roots hanging from the limbs.


Characteristics of the Bearded Fig Tree

The bearded fig tree has a wide trunk and can grow up to a height of 50 ft tall. They usually drop aerial roots from their branches and spread horizontally joining together with the parent tree throughout the growth process. The tops of these trees are expansive with aerial roots and a milky sap.


The oval-shaped leaves of the bearded fig tree are dark green with a rounded base and an oval tip. This tree bears a sweet fruit that can be eaten and is surrounded with small flowers.


In Barbados, some children find these trees quite exciting as they swing from the aerial roots.


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