Barbados Crop Over Festival

"Sweet fuh days" and that is all that we on the island of Barbados know the Barbados Crop Over Festival to be. Simply "Sweet fuh days". This well-loved, vibrant five (5) week festival culminates in the summer time with a grand celebration that sees revellers adorning the streets with lots of colour and energy.


Crop Over festival has been around since the 18th century at a time when Barbados was at its prime in the production of sugarcane. Since its inception, the festival has seen many changes all geared towards improving the standard of the festival. Crop Over festival lasts from May to August and throughout the years it has snowballed into a hive of activities that incorporate our heritage and culture.


The festival is packed with events that keep Barbados and visitors on their feet (pun intended). Soca Limes, Cavalcades, Arts and Crafts Symposiums, Junior Monarchs, Crop Over Farmers Market, Crop Over Opening Gala, Visual Arts festival, Pan in de City, Pan Pun de Sand, Pic-o-de-Crop Calypso Competition, Laff-It-Off Productions, Bridgetown Market, Foreday Morning Jam, Sunrise Beach Party, Cohobblopot and Grand Kadooment. An absolutely breathless list! Or should we say "Sweet fuh Days"? If you are a visitor to Barbados and decide on attending just one event to get a taste of what we embrace as our culture, you will be fooling yourself as a taste of one event is simply the appetizer for the ones after.


It is for this very reason that Crop Over in Barbados has stuck true to its slogan of being "More than a Carnival... Sweet fuh Days".


To see the Crop Over 2012 Calendar, click here.


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