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Bridgetown Tour

Barbados' capital city Bridgetown is certainly worth a tour while you are on the island. This city has developed in leaps and bounds and has found its way into being a commercial hub for the island.


Bridgetown like most cities worldwide is a place of strong contrasts. A simple walk through can expose one to the many variants of city life. Old vehicles, new vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, snowcone vendors, ice-cream parlors, sidewalk vendors and hawkers adorning the front of some of the most upmarket buildings with their 'down-to-earth' like produce. This unique fusion of cultures has been very responsible for making Bridgetown in Barbados what it truly is today.


History is a significant aspect of Barbados and it is no different with Bridgetown as this little city is certainly filled with it. A massive hive of activity and varied architectural structures, Broad Steet alone is a hub of financial centres, restaurants and other retail stores. There is an Upper Broad Street and a Lower Broad Street. The former is closer to the end with the infamous Lord Nelson Statue and Lower Broad Street is in the general vicinity of the taxi stand near the architecturally beautiful Old Mutual Building, which presently houses one branch of the Butterfield Bank.


One esteemed part of Barbados' heritage is its political and legal framework. Its Parliament Buildings are the third oldest in the entire Commonwealth, foreshadowed only by Britain, from which the island was granted independence in 1966. The stately cluster of buildings, which were completed in 1874 are almost majestic in appearance and designed on a base of Gothic architecture. These buildings currently are home to the local House of Assembly and the Senate.


An additional walk just towards the outskirts of Bridgetown will easily take you into Queen's Park, one of the national and natural attractions in Barbados. In terms of its history, the primary building on the site was actually known as King's House in the first instance. Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, it served as the official residence of the Commanding Officer of the British troops based in Barbados at that time. An unexpected but pleasant surprise which one is likely to encounter during a walk through Queen's Park is the Barbados Solar House which is on display only. It is a fully functional home dependent for its operations on solar energy. It is worth the look.


To the people of Barbados, Bridgetown is affectionately known as 'town'. This capital city is definitely best explored by foot as just about every corner is a place of interest or has something sunstantial to offer. Let's leave the hired car behind for another tour. Shall we?


These are but a few of the many places of interest you can visit while in Bridgetown. For a more detailed listing, click here.


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