Car Rental on the Island

Despite the fact that Barbados is merely 166sq. miles, there is still a lot to be seen once you hit the road. One of the best ways to see the island of Barbados is to literally jump into a rented vehicleand discover the island at your leisure. Not only will you experience the absolute freshness of the cool trade winds associated with the island amidst the heat but you will also have an opportunity to fully explore the island.


Barbados has many car hire companies and therefore your options will seem to have no end to them. A multiple range of vehicles including mokes, compact cars, mid-size sedan cars, fully loaded cars, soft top A/C jeeps, full size vans, large luxury vans, premium SUVs and luxury sedan cars await you to take you on your journey.


A very popular vehicle with visitors to the island is the moke. This is a small soft-top car that has been cut into a very convenient vehicle that one can simply step in and out of with absolute ease. Such convenience makes your travel a lot easier especially when you want to capture the beauty and interest of Barbados without having to inconvenience yourself with opening doors to a vehicle.


On the other hand, you may want to travel in air conditioned comfort as you set out on your journey. Whatever decision you make, you can be rest assured that all your car hire needs will be well met while on the island.


Hired vehicles in Barbados come with full insurance coverage and 24 hour roadside assistance. All car hire companies on the island will deliver your car directly to you and provide you with the necessary documentation needed to drive in Barbados.


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