Road Safety

Road Safety on the island of Barbados has attracted a great deal of attention in recent times with the unfortunate occurrences of road deaths and serious accidents on the island's roads. There has been a concern that Barbadians were becoming too complacent when it came to matters of road safety on the island.


The Minister of Transport and Works in Barbados recently outlined plans for the establishment of a 'National Road Safety Council' which would be mandated to implement a national road safety action plan with new initiatives that will entail working committees to deal with various aspects of road safety.


Some disappointment has been expresed with regards to the job the Royal Barbados Police Force is doing when it comes to paying more attention to road safety on the island. It has been expressed that too much attention is being paid to the many offenses being made by Public Service Vehicles (PSV). However, records show that acidents on the roads of Barbados have very little involvement from these PSVs.


The reality is that accidents don't just happen, they are caused. If they are caused, then it can only be safe to say that they can equally be prevented.


The Royal Barbados Police Force

What Pedestrians on the Island of Barbados Can Do

Always use the footpath where available and keep away from the edge of the road
Walk in single file, if there is no footpath, walk facing the oncoming traffic
Always use the pedestrian crossing while crossing the road. If there is no pedestrian crossing, cross from a point where you have a clear view of the traffic on both sides of the road
Never cross at bends
Avoid crossing between parked vehicles
After alighting from a vehicle, do not attempt to cross in front/behind the vehicle, before ensuring that it is safe to do so
Follow the pedestrian light signal, wherever available
Use light coloured clothing at night. Make it easier for motorist to see you


Safe Pedestrian Crossing Code in Barbados

Stand on the footpath or at side of the road at the crossing
Indicate to motorists by the raising of a hand your intention to cross
When vehicles from both directions have come to a halt, walk straight across the road
Remember!! Do not linger in the area of the crossing if you don't intend to cross.


Safe Road Crossing Code in Barbados

Stand on the footpath or at side of the road
Look to your right Then look to your left then to your right again
If the road is clear, walk straight across and don't run


Advice to Bicyclists in Barbados

Always learn to cycle in a safe place. Busy streets are not the place
Keep your bicycle in good working condition at all times. Ensure that it has an efficient braking system
Look both sides before entering on to the road
Do not use footpaths; they are for pedestrians
Always keep to your left and cycle near the edge of the road
Communicate clearly your intentions before making a turn or changing lanes, especially when you are crossing at an intersection
Look behind before turning and signal with your hand in the direction you are turning
Never cling to other fast moving vehicles
Avoid all kinds of stunt riding
Do not negotiate turns at high speeds, especially on wet roads
Do not carry passengers or luggage on the handlebars. The load may upset your balance
Switch on your light at night. Have reflectors fitted
Wear light coloured clothing at night
Although a helmet is not required by law, wearing one can prevent injury
The only right of way is the one the other driver/rider gives you, especially the one who is bigger/heavier


What Motorists in Barbados Can Do

Slow down and drive smoothly. Keep within speed limits. Expect sudden movements by cyclists, especially in windy weather and on bad road surfaces
Always signal at roundabouts every time you pass a cyclist. Watch for riders on the inside when you turn left. Don't cut them up
Give cyclists space at least half a car's width and never force past them
Be patient as a few seconds for a cyclist hardly affects your total journey time. Right turning cyclists need space and time
Park considerately. Always look for cyclists before opening a car door
Use dipped headlights
Expect speed from bikes. Think of a bike as the vehicle it is


Click here for further information on Road Safety in Barbados can be sourced at the following website.


The Barbados Road Safety Association Inc.

The Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) is a non profit, non-governmental association that aims to educate the general public on all matters pertaining to road safety and to do all possible to assist with campaigns, publications, laws and driver/pedestrian/cyclist attitudes to promote road safety for safer roads to save lives.


They are presently governed by an Executive Committee made up of a President, a Secretary, a PR Officer, a Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer/Secretary.


The executive committee comprises of a young team that are hard-working individuals who volunteer their personal time and services and in many cases put road safety before self to get the job done.


The general public is invited to join the association with the aim of strengthening the team for safer roads in Barbados.


Click here to find their Consititution, Code of Conduct and a registration form that you can down load at any time.




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