Scenic River Bay, St. Lucy, Barbados Pocket Guide

Why Barbados

When many couples picture the prefect Caribbean honeymoon they envisage beautiful exotic locales with long stretches of white sandy beaches lapped by the crystal blue waters of warm tropical oceans. In this respect Barbados delivers, but there is much more to this tiny one hundred and sixty seven square mile island than is at first apparent.  


The first greetings you get as you exit the airport terminal on the island are the sociable faces of the friendly Barbadian people who are always ready with a welcoming smile, a gracious nod of the head, a cool hello and even a pleasant wave as you drive along to your honeymoon retreat. The warmth of the Bajan people is almost as well known as the tranquility of this tropical getaway and this only adds to the ambience of the perfect honeymoon in Barbados.


For you, Barbados promises the dream and it delivers. Imagine spending your first night on the island serenaded by the gently breaking waves of the Caribbean Sea as you stroll along the long stretches of pristine beaches, hand in hand with each other as the gentle sounds of island music play in the background. As you wander along you discover a secluded spot on the beach, you sit on the cool sand, wrapped in each other's embrace and look out over the calm water and are mesmerized by the glorious colours that bring our sunsets to life. Barbados truly is the island for lovers.


But, if you prefer a more adventurous retreat, Barbados also gives you the most magnificent opportunity to explore the history of this former British colony with its old plantation houses, historic churches and even the unspoiled areas of natural woodlands together; creating lasting memories in a place where dreams come true.




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