Scenic View of Mount  Hillaby, St. Andrew, Barbados Pocket GuideMount Hillaby

The peak of Mount Hillaby is the highest point on the Eastern Caribbean island nation of Barbados, in the parish of St. Andrew. It rests at a height of approximately 1.115 feet or 341m above sea level and immediately overlooks the Scotland District. Geologically it comprises of sandstone and chalk with a core of volcanic rock making it somewhat prone to soil erosion.


There’s a narrow winding road that takes you to the top of the mountain where you will be truly fascinated by the wonderful views that open up to the east, north and west of the island. Mount Hillaby offers a sprawling landscape with many rolling hills and a few cliffs that gradually fall off into the sea. At the end of the road  that takes you there, a small trail with some steps leads into the bushy area where you can find the actual summit post and its marker.


Mount Hillaby is one of the places on the island that gives you a good idea of what the island was like before it was inhabited and deforested.


Getting to Mount Hillaby is an easy trip as you can rent a car or go on a guided tour. The choice is yours.


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