Cricket Grounds in Barbados

Despite competition from other sporting activities, the game of cricket can still be considered a national pastime, both for men and women in Barbados. It is agreed that temperaments may change and countenances may either be frowning or smiling depending on the fortunes of their teams of choice. One can rest assured, however that during the local cricket seasons and when the major matches are being played, whether in the West Indies or not, hundreds, indeed thousands of people will be paying attention, albeit to varying degrees.


Now, in Barbados, most of the teams have a home ground, even if that may be one of the school grounds for those in the school system. Each ground normally has a hired groundsman who, under guidance from the particular team's executive committee, has oversight of the grounds and is responsible for ensuring its readiness for play ahead of any scheduled games.


Kensington Oval on the outskirts of the city of Bridgetown is recognized as a world-class cricket oval and venue having undergone massive reconstruction and renovation in preparation for 2007 World Cup. While it plays host to the majority of the big games, regional and international, which are played here in Barbados, there are numerous other smaller cricket grounds, dotted around the island, which accommodate games such as the annual Over 40s and Barbados Cricket Association Divisional Fixtures.


Some of the grounds found across Barbados are as follows:-


St. Michael: Queen's Park, YMPC, LIME (formerly BET playing field), Texaco, Carlton (Desmond Haynes Cricket Grounds), Blenheim, UWI (University of the West Indies), Wanderers Club, Weymouth Playing Field.


St. Philip: Foursquare, Windward, Rices Playing Field


St James: Trents Playing Field


St Andrew: Conrad Hunte Cricket Ground, Shorey Village


Christ Church: Dover Cricket Grounds


St Peter: Old Coleridge


There is generally no admission to watch the local cricket teams play during the season. If you are passing an area and see a game in full gear on any cricket ground and are inclined to have a look, get off the bus, stop the car or take a break from your leisurely walk and just do it. Despite the fact that you are not watching a First Division Game, don't be surprised if you are still "bowled over" by some fantastic cover drives or dives to catch a ball. Oh… and the commentary from the sidelines is legendary at any of the cricket grounds on the island of Barbados. Do enjoy!




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