Family of Three at the Beach with Hands in the Air, Barbados Pocket Guide


It is summer in Barbados all year round so bring all your fun summer clothes. Ladies,  this is your opportunity to wear those bright bold summer colors. Spaghetti strap tops, dresses and shorts will help you get that tanned look as you enjoy your holiday in Barbados. It is however a good idea to pack a light wrap or shawl as it does cool down in the evening.


It is recommended that a sun hat and sun shades offering adequate UV protection be worn during periods of full exposure to the sun. Beach footwear is also recommended when walking on the beach and swimming, these serve to protect your feet from being grazed by sharp coral below the water and also from the spines of sea urchins in our reefs.


In Barbados we are a bit on the  conservative side so please leave your swimsuits for the beach only and gentlemen are not allowed to enter places of business, restaurants or travel on public transportation bare backed. Beach wraps, sarongs and T-Shirts  are easily available for purchase on most beaches themselves.


Dining out in Barbados is generally a casual affair  but some restaurants will stipulate NO SHORTS,  so casual slacks and shirts are appropriate dinner wear  for the gents. Light cotton dresses or slacks are appropriate dinner wear for the ladies, but at least one pair of heels and an elegant cocktail dress are a good idea ladies, especially if your are celebrating an occasion while in Barbados and may want to dress up a bit.


Gentlemen, if you are visiting Barbados on business, a tie and dress slacks are the expected dress for business meetings, a lightweight jacket is optional. For the ladies, smart dresses or business suits would be ideal.


Religious services are still for the most part a quite formal affair, should you wish to attend one while you are here, gentlemen may want to travel with a buttoned down shirt with a collar and matching slacks and for the ladies a smart dress is appropriate on such an occasion.




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