Couple Awaiting Their Meal at Worthing Court Apartment Hotel, Barbados Pocket Guide

Save on Holiday

One of the first considerations when planning your holiday overseas is of course, how much it will cost and with so many holiday destinations and options available, value for money will no doubt be a determining factor in your choosing Barbados as your holiday destination.


Barbados is a destination that offers several opportunities to save on your holiday starting from the time you book your flight. Having an international airport means that direct flights to Barbados from  most major cities are available daily. There are always special 'flight only' deals posted daily on well known websites like Expedia.Com, Orbitz, Hotwire, Travelocity etc. So you can start your saving with the cost of your flight. Since it is sunny weather year round in Barbados you can also save by choosing to travel outside of the  December to April peak  tourist season.


Once you have decided on Barbados and you have found that great flight deal you can start to look for savings on your accommodation too. Here in Barbados we offer one of the widest ranges in accommodation in the Caribbean, to suit any budget. From Guesthouses and Apartment Hotels to Five Star Resorts and Luxury Villas you can find a wide choice in Barbados. If you are planning to travel as a Group or a Family most Apartment hotels and Guesthouses will accommodate at least three to four persons maximum per room. The posted room rates are generally based on Double occupancy and the extra two of three persons will pay a small extra person rate that is generally less than a third of the room rate. By sharing the cost of the room a family or group can see tremendous savings on their accommodation costs. Another way of saving on the hotel cost is by looking for special package offers easily accessible on most of the popular websites outside of the peak winter season a special like 'seven days for the price of five' is a very good saving.


In Barbados most hotels offer daily breakfast free as a value added item to the cost of the room. This is always great value for money as it is in most cases a generous buffet breakfast that will stay with you well into the afternoon. Be sure to verify that this is on offer before booking your hotel.


Eating out can take up a lot of the holiday budget so be sure to look for opportunities to save on this. Many hotels and guesthouses still offer rooms with cooking facilities and there are several good mini marts and supermarkets within walking distance of the main hotel areas where you can purchase basic  groceries. After that heavy buffet breakfast you can easily prepare a light salad or sandwich for lunch and leave yourself free to spend more on dining out in the evening.


Dining in Barbados is a beautiful experience, especially on the beachfront, to be able to take advantage of more of this special treat, look out for special offers in holiday magazines and brochures. Most of the popular restaurants will have coupon offers giving 20 or 30% discounts to patrons or two dinners for the price of one, be sure to make use of these while enjoying your dining experience.


Doing things the local way is always a great way of saving, while taking in the full cultural experience of Barbados. There are several good eating places that are patronised by the average Barbadian and offer delicious local food at a fraction of what you will pay in the fine dining restaurants. You can be sure that where you see the locals eating is where the good food is at!


Using the local public transportation is a good way of saving on your holiday too. In Barbados we have a reliable and courteous public transportation service that is available from 5.00 am up until 11.00 pm. Buses travel to all points  across the island and can take you to most places of interest and entertainment for the cost of just BBD$2.00 per person, this represents a tremendous saving on taxi fare.


Another saving for families or groups traveling together,  is sharing the cost of taxi fare. In Barbados the cost of the taxi is determined not only by distance but also by the number of persons. Most cars will take a maximum of four (4) persons while the larger vans can take up to ten (10) persons. Most taxi drivers are open to negotiating for the fare if it is a group and it is a good idea to stick with one taxi driver for the duration of the holiday as this allows you to negotiate for better rates.


Every holiday must consist of souvenir or gift shopping and the island of Barbados is a Duty Free haven. Be sure to carry your ticket and passport with you when shopping and take advantage of tremendous savings on Jewelry, Perfume, Liquor, Crystal, Designer clothing and a host of other items  all available at  Duty Free shops across the island. This can represent a saving of up to 30% for persons visiting Barbados.




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