What You Will Need to Bring

All persons entering Barbados must present  a valid passport and ticket to immigration on arrival on the  island.


Travelers from some Middle Eastern and African countries are required to have a visa for entry into Barbados, please check with our Foreign Affairs Office at  www.foreign.gov.bb  for details regarding this requirement.


Most major credit cards are accepted in Barbados and are safer to travel with than cash. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club can be used island wide. It is also a good idea to bring travelers Cheques rather than cash. The US dollar is also readily  accepted and you may want to travel with some small notes for tipping at the airport and at the hotel, etc.


If you have booked a package holiday to Barbados  with a travel agent please remember to bring your travel vouchers and confirmation details as these will be required on check in at your hotel. If you booked directly on line it is good to print off and travel with booking details and itinerary, should there be any discrepancy with your accommodation on arrival.


Driving around Barbados is fun and it is very easy to rent a car even if it is just for a day trip. Be sure to travel with your Drivers License so that you can be issued with a Drivers permit should you decide  to hire a car while in Barbados.


Couples planning to get married in beautiful Barbados must have a Birth Certificate or Drivers License as identification. If your are a divorcee you will also need to bring certified proof of the final Judgment of your divorce decree. If your were previously married and your spouse is deceased both a marriage and a death certificate for your spouse is required.


Barbados uses 110 / 50 cycles for their electricity, so if you are bringing your own electric shaver, dryer, toothbrush etc, it may be a good idea to bring a converter with you for your convenience.


Of course you will not think of coming to Barbados without your camera, please bring your battery and rechargeable batteries. It is also a good idea to bring along an extra memory card or two for those unforgettable places or moments in Barbados that you may want to capture on film or video.


Several hotels offer free internet access and there are several 'hot spots' at public places in Barbados so be sure to bring along your Laptop or Netbook.


Please remember to pack sufficient of any of your prescribed medication or painkillers  as there is no guarantee that these will be easily accessible in Barbados.


Bring your books, magazines and other reading material for those lazy days in Barbados that you will spend  on the beach or relaxing by the pool. Some hotels have a small library where you can exchange your books for new ones when you have finished reading.


Persons who have allergic conditions or asthma should travel with more than one inhaler, and your nebulizer machine if your condition is chronic, while these items are available in Barbados it is better to travel with them in case of emergency. Sun protection creams and insect repellants are also easily accessible in Barbados but if you use a particular brand you may want to travel with your own supplies.




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