Masseuses at Sugar Cane Hotel Clucb & Spa, St. Peter, Barbados Pocket Guide

Spend the Day at a Spa

Though we are sure you can find absolute relaxation on one of the many beaches and bays around Barbados, we also invite you to find a different but welcomed kind of relaxation at one of the many spas scattered throughout Barbados.


We've been told of them by our very friends and family who have experienced this form of pampering but the concept of spas is nothing new as it dates back to thousands of years ago when people would submerge themselves in hot springs in an effort to revitalize their minds and bodies. No different today in Barbados as the concept has been capitalised on a larger scale that sees the incorporation of many other services that cater to total relaxation all in an attractive package.


The island of Barbados has an abundance of spas all geared towards providing the ultimate in luxurious and intimate relaxation. So much so that some locals are hooked on the concept and are often seen visiting one of these 'feel good' facilities at least once a month. It has simply become a way of life on the island.


The tropically set spas in Barbados are inviting even on approach. Some of them furnished with an ambience of natural light, wind chimes that speak to the softness of the gentle breeze that surround and pristine conditions that augur well for a relaxed mind. Absolute care, attention and dedication now become the focus of your therapist on hand.


As mentioned before, there are many spas throughout Barbados with a variant of services. So make you choice, head on out and fall right into the pleasure that awaits you.


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