Swim with Turtles

On the island of Barbados, swimming with turtles is a pleasant adventure for you and the family. Especially the kids are thrilled by such an experience as the up-close contact is quite memorable.


The hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles call Barbados home and are readily seen along the island's west coast as this is where they do their feeding and nesting. Due to the calmness of these west coast waters and the friendliness of the sea turtles, visitors are able to swim freely with them.


Barbados' marine environment is one that the whole country ought to be proud of. Steps are taken to ensure that constant care and attention is executed when dealing with this aspect of our environment. As such, we implore you to kindly treat our marine environment and sea turtles with the greatest respect. Of particular interest to note is that under the Barbados Sea Turtle Project, the Barbados sea turtles are monitored for their continued protection.


Such an adventure with turtles can easily be booked by clicking here.


The Barbados Sea Turtle Project

The vision of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project (University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus) is to restore local marine turtle populations to levels at which they can fulfill their ecological roles while still providing opportunities for sustainable use by the people of Barbados, and to support similar efforts in other countries of the Caribbean.


Their mission is to recover marine turtle populations through the use of scientifically-sound conservation measures and monitoring programmes, and through the development and implementation of training, education and public awareness tools and activities that encourage the support and active participation of stakeholders.


The Barbados Sea Turtle Project emphasizes partnerships in achieving their goals. These partnerships are evident both at the national level (Government, non-governmental organizations and the tourism sector) and at the international level where the Project serves as the focal point for WIDECAST in Barbados, offering regional training workshops, maintaining a regional marine turtle tagging centre, and encouraging research and conservation in countries that share management responsibilities for our migratory sea turtle populations.


Information on the Barbados Sea Turtle Project was sourced from their website. Click here for more information.




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