Transport Board Bus outside Portvale Plantations, St. Peter

Take A Bus Ride

As soon as you touch down in Barbados you are guaranteed to come across a bus. Whether it's a mini-bus, a transport board bus or a ZR bus, fact remains, you will see one. These methods of transportation provide both locals and visitors with an interesting option to travel around the island as they offer elevated views when compared with a private or hired car. Not to mention the inexpense of it all.


All across Barbados, potential passengers wait on buses at designated areas called bus stops. They are clearly identified with a circular red and white sign with 'To City' and 'Out of City' marked in black lettering, with the former indicating the route into Bridgetown and the latter the route out of Bridgetown. When standing at any of the bus stops across Barbados, be sure to flag down the approaching bus as this indicates to the driver you want to take that particular bus.


The Government run Barbados Transport Board buses are easily identifiable as the large, predominately blue buses with the yellow stripe running along the side, and a large sign with posted destination above the windscreen. They are also used as mobile billboards, with advertisements often posted on the side and rear panels. These buses operate an 'exact fare' system and do not provide change. The bus fare for these and all other public transport vehicles is Barbados $2.00 on a single bus for adults. On the government buses fare is free for school aged children in uniform and senior citizens with a Barbados Identification Card. No foreign currency is accepted. Bus schedules for the Barbados Transport Board buses are posted along most routes and in the Fairchild Street and Princess Alice/Lower Green bus terminals in Bridgetown, the Oistins terminal in Christ Church, and the Speightstown terminal in St. Peter. Schedules are also available on the Barbados Transport Board website.


Mini-buses across Barbados, have a predominately yellow colour scheme with a blue stripe running along the side panels, with the destination posted on a small sign inside the windscreen. These are generally smaller than the government run buses and can be found on all the same routes. Mini-buses often play loud music or use a musical horn. They also, usually, carry a conductor and can make change, so exact fare is not required. They will generally accept American dollars, but not other foreign currency.


Taking a bus and seeing the island of Barbados will certainly add new heights to your stay here. Barbados has a plethora of sights that will tap you into its history and culture all in one trip. Allow yourself to be opened up to the beauty and adventure there is in Barbados by taking a bus.

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